Threonine synthase-like (IPR004450)

Short name: Thr_synthase-like

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Threonine synthase (EC: is involved in threonine biosynthesis. It catalyses the conversion of O-phospho-L-homoserine and water into L-threonine and orthophosphate, using pyridoxal phosphate as a cofactor. The pyridoxal-phosphate binding site is a Lys (K) residue. The enzyme is distantly related to the serine/threonine dehydratases which are also pyridoxal-phosphate dependent enzymes [PMID: 3098560].

This entry includes threonine synthases and its homologues (threonine synthases like proteins) from archaea, bacteria, fungi, plants and metazoans. The function of the threonine synthase-like proteins from metazoan is still not clear [PMID: 17034760].

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