Nucleoid-associated protein YbaB/EbfC family (IPR004401)

Short name: YbaB/EbfC

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This is a family of DNA-binding proteins. It is restricted to bacteria and plants. Members of this family form homodimers which bind DNA via a tweezer-like structure [PMID: 12486730, PMID: 19594923, PMID: 19208644]. The conformation of the DNA is changed when bound to these proteins [PMID: 19208644]. In bacteria, these proteins may play a role in DNA replication-recovery following DNA damage [PMID: 12486730]. The plant form contains an additional N-terminal region that may serve as a transit peptide and shows a close relationship to the cyanobacterial member, suggesting that it is a chloroplast protein.

The crystal structure YbaB from Haemophilus influenzae revealed a core structure consisting of two layers, alpha/beta; YbaB forms a tight dimer with a 3-layer structure, beta/alpha/beta [PMID: 12486730].

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