Protein Iojap/ribosomal silencing factor RsfS (IPR004394)

Short name: Iojap/RsfS/C7orf30

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This entry includes Iojap protein from plants, the ribosomal silencing factor RsfS (also known as RsfA) from bacteria and its homologue, C7orf30, from animals.

In plants, there are Iojap protein in plastid and Iojap related protein in mitochondria. Plastid Iojap is involved in plastid biogenesis in plants [PMID: 1382980], while mitochondrial Iojap related protein may be a ribosome silencing factor involved in organelle biogenesis and required for germination [PMID: 21908688].

RsfS functions as a ribosomal silencing factor. It interacts with ribosomal protein L14 (rplN), blocking formation of intersubunit bridge B8, preventing association of the 30S and 50S ribosomal subunits and the formation of functional ribosomes, thus repressing translation [PMID: 22829778].

C7orf30 associates with the large subunit of the mitochondrial ribosome and is involved in translation [PMID: 22238375].

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