Prolyl-tRNA editing protein, YbaK/EbsC (IPR004369)

Short name: Prolyl-tRNA_editing_YbaK/EbsC

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This entry represents the YbaK family, bacterial proteins whose full length sequence is homologous to an insertion domain in proline--tRNA ligases. They deacylate mischarged tRNAs.

YbaK functions in trans to edit the amino acid from incorrectly charged Cys-tRNA(Pro) via a Cys-tRNA(Pro) deacylase activity [PMID: 15886196, PMID: 23185990]. YbaK has also been shown to hydrolyze glycyl-tRNA's, alanyl-tRNA's, seryl-tRNA's, and prolyl-tRNA's [PMID: 15886196]. This family also includes P36922 (EbsC) and ProX. EbsC affects the expression of a receptor called binding substance, that mediates mating aggregate formation in Enterococcus faecalis [PMID: 8226689]. It could be a regulatory protein that suppresses the function or expression of ebsA and/or ebsMB. ProX functions in trans to edit the amino acid moiety from incorrectly charged Ala-tRNA(Pro) [PMID: 14663147].

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