FAR1 DNA binding domain (IPR004330)

Short name: FAR1_DNA_bnd_dom

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Phytochrome A is the primary photoreceptor for mediating various far-red light-induced responses in higher plants. It has been found that the proteins governing this response, which include FAR-RED ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL3 (FHY3) and FAR-RED-IMPAIRED RESPONSE1 (FAR1), are a pair of homologous proteins sharing significant sequence homology to mutator-like transposases. These proteins appear to be novel transcription factors, which are essential for activating the expression of FHY1 and FHL (for FHY1-like) and related genes, whose products are required for light-induced phytochrome A nuclear accumulation and subsequent light responses in plants.

The FRS (FAR1 Related Sequences) family of proteins share a similar domain structure to mutator-like transposases, including an N-terminal C2H2 zinc finger domain, a central putative core transposase domain, and a C-terminal SWIM motif (named after SWI2/SNF and MuDR transposases). It seems plausible that the FRS family represent transcription factors derived from mutator-like transposases [PMID: 18715961, PMID: 15591448].

This entry represents a domain found in FAR1 and FRS proteins. It contains a WRKY like fold and is therefore most likely a zinc binding DNA-binding domain.

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