BRO1 domain (IPR004328)

Short name: BRO1_dom

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The BRO1 domain is a protein domain of ~390 residues in length. It occurs in a number of eukaryotic proteins, such as yeast BRO1 and human PDCD6IP/Alix, which are involved in protein targeting to the vacuole or lysosome. The BRO1 domain of fungal and mammalian proteins binds with multivesicular body components (ESCRT-III proteins) such as yeast Snf7 and mammalian CHMP4b, and can function to target BRO1 domain-containing proteins to endosomes [PMID: 15935782, PMID: 14583093, PMID: 15944343].

The BRO1 domain has a boomerang shape composed of 14 alpha-helices and 3 beta-sheets. It contains a TPR-like substructure in the central part [PMID: 15935782]. The C terminus is less conserved.

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