Thiaminase-2/PQQC (IPR004305)

Short name: Thiaminase-2/PQQC

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Proteins containing this domain are found in all the three major phyla of life: archaebacteria, eubacteria, and eukaryotes. In Bacillus subtilis, TenA is one of a number of proteins that enhance the expression of extracellular enzymes, such as alkaline protease, neutral protease and levansucrase [PMID: 1898926] and has been identified as a Thiaminase 2 [PMID: 15709744]. The THI-4 protein, which is involved in thiamine biosynthesis, also contains this domain. The C-terminal part of these proteins consistently show significant sequence similarity to TenA proteins. This similarity was first noted with the Neurospora crassa THI-4 [PMID: 8662211].

This domain is also found in bacterial coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein C or PQQC. Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) is the prosthetic group of several bacterial enzymes,including methanol dehydrogenase of methylotrophs and the glucose dehydrogenase of a number of bacteria [PMID: 12437981]. PQQC has been found to be required in the synthesis of PQQ, but its function is unclear.

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