Nucleoplasmin family (IPR004301)

Short name: Nucleoplasmin

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The nucleoplasmin family includes nucleophosmin, nucleoplasmin and nucleoplasmin-like proteins. Nucleophosmin (also known as NPM1/B23) is a multifunctional protein that is involved in a number of cellular activities, such as ribosome maturatation and export, centrosome duplication, and response to stress stimuli [PMID: 16794633]. Nucleoplasmin (NPM2) is a histone chaperone for histones H2A-H2B and is highly expressed in the oocyte and through the early stages of embryogenesis [PMID: 25772360].

Mutations of the NPM1 gene has been linked to acute myeloid leukemia [PMID: 22707729].

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