BESS motif (IPR004210)

Short name: BESS_motif

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The BESS domain has been named after the three proteins that originally defined the domain: BEAF (Boundary element associated factor 32) [PMID: 7781065], Suvar(3)7 [PMID: 2107402] and Stonewall [PMID: 8631271]). The BESS domain is 40 amino acid residues long and is predicted to be composed of three alpha helices, as such it might be related to the myb/SANT HTH domain. The BESS domain directs a variety of protein-protein interactions, including interactions with itself, with Dorsal, and with a TBP-associated factor. It is found in a single copy in Drosophila proteins and is often associated with the MADF domain [PMID: 1731341, PMID: 9528796, PMID: 12459265].

Proteins known to contain a BESS domain include:

  • Drosophila Boundary element associated factor 32 (BEAF-32).
  • Drosophila Suppressor of variegation protein 3-7 (Su(var)3-7), which could play a role in chromosome condensation.
  • Drosophila Ravus, which is homologous to the C-terminal part of Su(var)3-7 [PMID: 11902679].
  • Drosophila Stonewall (Stwl), a putative transcription factor required for maintenance of female germline stem cells as well as oocyte differentiation.
  • Drosophila Adf-1, a transcription factor first identified on the basis of its interaction with the alcohol dehydrogenase promoter but that binds the promoters of a diverse group of genes [PMID: 1731341].
  • Drosophila Dorsal-interacting protein 3 (Dip3). It functions both as an activator to bind DNA in a sequence specific manner and a coactivator to stimulate synergistic activation by Dorsal and Twist [PMID: 9528796].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0003677 DNA binding

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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