PPAK motif (IPR004168)

Short name: PPAK_motif


PPAK is a repeated protein motif found in the PEVK (Pro-Glu-Val-Lys) domain of the titin protein and in a number of other proteins. Titin (EC: is a giant elastic protein found in striated muscle that is a key component in the assembly and functioning of sarcomeres [PMID: 15507486]. PPAK motifs (PPAK refers to the four amino acids found at the beginning of the motif) occur 60 times in human soleus titin [PMID: 11276084]. PPAK motifs occur in groups of 2-12 that are separated by regions rich in glutamic acid (approximately 45%) and termed polyE segments. The charge fluctuation between the PPAK and polyE regions suggests ionic interactions between these segments and their involvement in the elastic function of titin.

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