Rubredoxin-type fold (IPR004039)

Short name: Rubredoxin-type_fold

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Rubredoxin is a low molecular weight iron-containing bacterial and archaeal protein that is involved in electron transfer [PMID: 2244884, PMID: 1992166], sometimes replacing ferredoxin as an electron carrier [PMID: 7726577].

The 3-D structures of a number of rubredoxins have been solved [PMID: 1303768, PMID: 3441010]. The fold belongs to the alpha+beta class, with 2 alpha-helices and 2-3 beta-strands. Its active site contains an Fe ion which is co-ordinated by the sulphurs of four conserved cysteine residues forming an almost regular tetrahedron. The conserved cysteines reside on two loops, which are the most conserved regions of the protein. In addition, a ring of acidic residues in the proximity of the [Fe(Cys)4] centre is also well-conserved [PMID: 3441010].

This entry represents the rubredoxin domain and structurally-related domains with a similar fold.

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