Conserved Site

YLP motif (IPR004019)

Short name: YLP_motif


The YLP motif is found in one or several copies in various Drosophila proteins. Its function is unknown, however the presence of completely conserved tyrosine residues and its presence in the human Erbb-2 and ErbB-4 receptor protein-tyrosine kinases (EC: may suggest it could be a substrate for tyrosine kinases. ErbBs (1-4) are single-pass transmembrane proteins that activate a wide variety of signalling pathways, including those involved in proliferation, migration, differentiation, survival, and apoptosis; they are frequently misregulated in cancer [PMID: 18755183]. ErbB-2 is an essential component of a neuregulin-receptor complex, although neuregulins do not interact with it alone. ErbB-4 specifically binds and is activated by neuregulins, NRG-2, NRG-3, heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor, betacellulin and NTAK [PMID: 18721752].

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