Initiation factor eIF-4 gamma, MA3 (IPR003891)

Short name: Initiation_fac_eIF4g_MI

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This entry represents the MI domain (after MA-3 and eIF4G), it is a protein-protein interaction module of ~130 amino acids [PMID: 10958635, PMID: 10973054, PMID: 15082783]. It appears in several translation factors and is found in:

  • One copy in plant and animal eIF4G 1 and 2 (DAP-5/NAT1/p97)
  • Two copies in the animal programmed cell death protein 4 (PDCD4) or MA-3 that is induced during programmed cell death and inhibits neoplastic transformation
  • Four tandem-repeated copies in a group of uncharacterised plant proteins

The MI domain consists of seven alpha-helices, which pack into a globular form. The packing arrangement consists of repeating pairs of antiparallel helices packed one upon the other such that a superhelical axis is generated perpendicular to the alpha-helical axes [PMID: 17060447].

The MI domain has also been named MA3 domain.

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