Sulphur relay, DsrE/F-like protein (IPR003787)

Short name: Sulphur_relay_DrsE/F-like

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Four small, soluble proteins (DsrE, DsrF, DsrH and DsrC) are encoded in the dsr gene region of the phototrophic sulphur bacterium Chromatium vinosum D. The dsrAB genes encoding dissimilatory sulphite reductase are part of the gene cluster, dsrABEFHCMK. The remaining proteins that are encoded are a transmembrane protein (DsrM) with similarity to haem-b-binding polypeptides and a soluble protein (DsrK) resembling [4Fe-4S]-cluster-containing heterodisulphide reductase from methanogenic archaea. DsrE is a small soluble protein involved in intracellular sulphur reduction [PMID: 9695921].

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