Sulfur carrier ThiS/MoaD-like (IPR003749)

Short name: ThiS/MoaD-like

Family relationships


ThiS (thiaminS) is a 66 aa protein involved in sulphur transfer. ThiS is coded in the thiCEFSGH operon in Escherichia coli. This family of proteins have two conserved Glycines at the COOH terminus. Thiocarboxylate is formed at the last G in the activation process. Sulphur is transferred from ThiI to ThiS in a reaction catalysed by IscS [PMID: 10781607]. MoaD, a protein involved in sulphur transfer during molybdopterin synthesis, is about the same length and shows limited sequence similarity to ThiS. Both have the conserved GG at the COOH end.

ThiS/MoaD proteins serve as sulfur carriers in thiamine and tungsten/molybdenum cofactor biosynthesis.

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