OsmC/Ohr family (IPR003718)

Short name: OsmC/Ohr_fam

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This family of peroxiredoxins includes osmotically inducible protein C (OsmC), a stress-induced protein found in Escherichia coli. This family also contains organic hydroperoxide resistance protein (Ohr), that has a novel pattern of oxidative stress regulation.

The transcription of the osmC gene of E. coli is regulated as a function of the phase of growth and is induced during the late exponential phase when the growth rate slows before entry into stationary phase. The transcription is initiated by two overlapping promoters, osmCp1 and osmCp2 [PMID: 8820643].

Ohr from Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli is highly induced by organic hydroperoxides, weakly induced by H2O2, and not induced at all by a superoxide generator. OHR may be a new type of organic hydroperoxide detoxification protein [PMID: 9573147, PMID: 18084893].

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