Salmonella plasmid virulence SpvA (IPR003518)

Short name: Sal_SpvA

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Salmonella typhimurium contains a 90kb plasmid that is associated with virulence. This plasmid encodes at least 6 genes needed by the bacterium for invading host macrophages during infection. These include the 70kDa mkaA protein [PMID: 2164511], a recognised virulence factor, and more recently described, four spv genes under the control of a regulator [PMID: 8483415].

Deletion studies on the virulence plasmid have shown that an open reading frame encoding a 28kDa protein was needed for successful invasion of the host. This protein, designated mkfA [PMID: 2164511], VRP4 [PMID: 2696057] or VirA [PMID: 1657882] by different groups, is utilised by the microbe upon entry into macrophages, although the exact mechanism is unclear.

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