BRO N-terminal domain (IPR003497)

Short name: BRO_N_domain

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The baculovirus Bro proteins are encoded by a multigene family. The typical Bro proteins that have been experimentally investigated are BroA, BroC and BroD from Bombyx mori uclear polyhedrosis virus (BmNV). They contain distinct amino- and carboxy-terminal domains (Bro-N and Bro-C, respectively) that are present independently of each other and in distinct contexts in a variety of other viral proteins. The Bro-N domain occurs in a stand-alone form or combined with other domains in proteins from temperate phages that infect Gram-positive bacteria and Myxococcus xanthus, and proteins encoded in the genomes of proteobacteria and Gram positive bacteria. The Bro-N domain appears to define a distinct superfamily of widespread viral DNA-binding domains [PMID: 11897024].

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