Mce/MlaD (IPR003399)

Short name: Mce/MlaD

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This domain is found in all 24 mce genes associated with the four mammalian cell entry (mce) operons of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and MlaD proteins from other Actinomycetales [PMID: 12052567, PMID: 14500535]. The archetype (mce1A, Rv0169), was isolated as being necessary for colonisation of, and survival within, the macrophage [PMID: 8367727]. The domain is also found in:

  • Chloroplast Ycf22 and related cyanobacterial homologues, the majority of which have an N-terminal transmembrane domain and are putative ABC transporters.
  • Proteobacterial homologues, which include MlaD, PqiB, YrbD, YebT, VpsC and Ttg2C. MlaD is part of the ABC transporter complex MlaFEDB that actively prevents phospholipid accumulation at the cell surface [PMID: 19383799]. MlaFEDB complex is composed of two ATP-binding proteins (MlaF), two transmembrane proteins (MlaE), two cytoplasmic solute-binding proteins (MlaB) and a probable periplamic solute-binding protein (MlaD). Through the Mla pathway, Gram-negative bacteria maintains lipid asymmetry in the outer membrane by retrograde trafficking of phospholipids from the outer membrane to the inner membrane [PMID: 19383799].

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