CDC48, N-terminal subdomain (IPR003338)

Short name: CDC4_N-term_subdom

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The CDC48 N-terminal domain is a protein domain found in AAA ATPases including cell division protein 48 (CDC48), VCP-like ATPase (VAT) and N-ethylmaleimide sensitive fusion protein. It is a substrate recognition domain which binds polypeptides, prevents protein aggregation, and catalyses refolding of permissive substrates. It is composed of two equally sized subdomains. The amino-terminal subdomain forms a double-psi beta-barrel whose pseudo-twofold symmetry is mirrored by an internal sequence repeat of 42 residues. The carboxy-terminal subdomain forms a novel six-stranded beta-clam fold [PMID: 10531028]. Together these subdomains form a kidney-shaped structure.

This entry represents the amino-terminal subdomain.

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