Cytochrome c oxidase, subunit Va/VI (IPR003204)

Short name: Cyt_c_oxidase_su5A/6

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Cytochrome c oxidase (EC: is an oligomeric enzymatic complex which is a component of the respiratory chain complex and is involved in the transfer of electrons from cytochrome c to oxygen. In eukaryotes this enzyme complex is located in the mitochondrial inner membrane; in aerobic prokaryotes it is found in the plasma membrane. In eukaryotes, in addition to the three large subunits, I, II and III, that form the catalytic centre of the enzyme complex are encoded within the mitochondrial genome, there are a variable number of small polypeptidic subunits encoded within the nuclear genome. This entry represents subunits Va and VI, which are the heme A-containing chains of cytochrome c oxidase. Subunit Va is one of three mammalian subunits that lacks a transmembrane region. Subunit Va is located on the matrix side of the membrane and binds thyroid hormone T2, releasing allosteric inhibition caused by the binding of ATP to subunit IV and allowing high turnover at elevated intramitochondrial ATP/ADP ratios [PMID: 6307356, PMID: 16144979, PMID: 15923083, PMID: 12909344, PMID: 11035249, PMID: 9752724, PMID: 16760263, PMID: 8638158, PMID: 16631971, PMID: 16199211, PMID: 15598510].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0004129 cytochrome-c oxidase activity

Cellular Component

GO:0005743 mitochondrial inner membrane

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