Salmonella invasion protein InvJ (IPR003066)

Short name: Invas_InvJ

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The Salmonella typhimurium surface presentation of antigens N/invasion protein J gene (SpaN/InvJ) is one of 12 that form a cluster responsible for invasion properties. The gene product is required for entry by the bacterium into epithelial cells, and is thus considered to be a virulence factor [PMID: 8404849]. Other Spa genes in the cluster are related to invasion (Inv) genes in similar Salmonella and Shigella species [PMID: 9068645], and to flagella biosynthesis genes in Helicobacter pylori [PMID: 10066464].

Functional analysis of the gene product from SpaN/InvJ has revealed the protein to have a molecular weight of 36.4 kDa [PMID: 7752894]. It is required by the organism to gain access to mammalian epithelial cells, and cellular mutants (InvJ-) fail successfully to infect these cells. It has been found, also, that the inv-spa loci of Salmonella species encode a type III protein secretion system, essential to the bacterium's host cell invasion process [PMID: 8751894]. Suprisingly, type III-secreted proteins lack the customary signal sequence characteristic of most bacterial secretory peptides [PMID: 7752894].

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