Colicin lysis protein (IPR003059)

Short name: Lysis_col

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The DNA sequence of the entire colicin E2 operon has been determined [PMID: 3892228]. The operon comprises the colicin activity gene (ceaB), the colicin immunity gene (ceiB) and the lysis gene (celB), which is essential for colicin release from producing cells [PMID: 3892228]. A putative LexA binding site is located upstream from ceaB, and a rho-independent terminator structure is located downstream from celB [PMID: 3892228]. Comparison of the amino acid sequences of colicin E2 and cloacin DF13 reveal extensive similarity. These colicins have different modes of action and recognise different cell surface receptors; the two major regions of heterology at the C terminus, and in the C-terminal end of the central region are thought to correspond to the catalytic and receptor-recognition domains, respectively [PMID: 3892228].

Sequence similarities between colicins E2, A and E1 [PMID: 3936034] are less striking. The colicin E2 (pyocin) immunity protein does not share similarity with either the colicin E3 or cloacin DF13 [PMID: 6253914] immunity proteins. By contrast, the lysis proteins of the ColE2, ColE1 and CloDF13 plasmids are almost identical except in the N-terminal regions, which themselves are similar to lipoprotein signal peptides [PMID: 3892228]. Processing of the ColE2 prolysis protein to the mature form is prevented by globomycin, a specific inhibitor of the lipoprotein signal peptidase [PMID: 3892228]. The mature ColE2 lysis protein is located in the cell envelope [PMID: 3892228].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0019835 cytolysis
GO:0009405 pathogenesis

Molecular Function

No terms assigned in this category.

Cellular Component

GO:0019867 outer membrane

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