PAN-1 domain (IPR003014)

Short name: PAN-1_domain

Domain relationships


PAN domains have significant functional versatility fulfilling diverse biological functions by mediating protein-protein or protein-carbohydrate interactions [PMID: 10561497]. These domains contain a hair-pin loop like structure, similar to knottins, but the pattern of disulphide bonds differs.

It has been shown that, the N-terminal N domains of members of the plasminogen/hepatocyte growth factor family, the apple domains of the plasma prekallikrein/coagulation factor XI family, and domains of various nematode proteins belong to the same module superfamily, the PAN module [PMID: 10561497]. PAN contains a conserved core of three disulphide bridges. In some members of the family there is an additional fourth disulphide bridge that links the N and C termini of the domain.

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