NrpR regulatory domain (IPR002846)

Short name: NRD

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NrpR is an transcriptional repressor of nitrogen assimilation genes found primarily in Euryarchaeota [PMID: 15590692]. In the thermophilic archaeon Methanocaldococcus jannaschii it consists of a putative N-terminal winged helix-turn-helix (wHTH) domain used for DNA binding followed by two NrpR regulatory domains (NRD1 and NRD2) that sense and bind 2-oxoglutarate [PMID: 21070950]. In different organisms, NrpR proteins can vary on how many NrpR regulatory domains they contain and in their configuration. They can contain two NrpR domains, or one NrpR domain with or without the N-terminal HTH motif [PMID: 17720835].

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