Helicase HerA, central domain (IPR002789)

Short name: HerA_central

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This entry represents the central domain of archaeal protein RecA, which is a DNA helicase able to utilise either 3' or 5' single-stranded DNA extensions for loading and subsequent DNA duplex unwinding [PMID: 14990749]. It forms a complex with NurA nuclease, this complex has the 5'-3' DNA end resection activity and is essential for cell viability in the crenarchaeon Sulfolobus islandicus [PMID: 25880130]. This domain includes the the central RecA-like catalytic core and a flanking four-helix bundle [PMID: 25420454]. This domain can also be found in some bacterial proteins, such as TraC which is required for the assembly of mature F-pilin subunits into extended F pili [PMID: 1350587].

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