MIP18 family-like (IPR002744)

Short name: MIP18-like

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This domain (previously known as DUF59) is found in proteins that are mostly defined as members of the MIP18 family. This includes iron-sulfur cluster carrier proteins, where the domain is found in the N terminus. This domain is also found in protein AE7 from Arabidopsis and its homologues. Protein AE7 is thought to be a central member of the cytosolic iron-sulfur (Fe-S) protein assembly (CIA) pathway, however protein AE7-like 1 and 2 (also containing this domain) are probably not involved in this pathway [PMID: 23104832]. MIP18 family protein YHR122W (CIA2) from S. cerevisiae is a component of the CIA machinery, and acts at a late step of Fe-S cluster assembly [PMID: 22678362]. The SufT protein from Staphylococcus aureus is composed of this domain solely and is involved in the maturation of FeS proteins [PMID: 27517714].

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