Uncharacterised protein family UPF0201 (IPR002739)

Short name: UPF0201

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Proteins in this family include the PH1010 protein O58738, which is composed of five alpha-helices (1-5) and eight beta-strands (1-8) with the following topology: beta-1, alpha-1, beta-2, beta-3, alpha-2, alpha-3, beta-4, beta-5, alpha-4, beta-6, alpha-5, beta-7, beta-8. The first six beta-strands (1-6) form a slightly twisted antiparallel beta-sheet and face five alpha-helices on one side. The last two beta-strands form an antiparallel beta-sheet in the C terminus. PH1010 forms a characteristic homodimer structure in the crystal. Dimerisation of the molecule is crucial for function. The structure resembles that of some ribosomal proteins such as the 50S ribosomal protein L5 [PMID: 18831045]. Although the structure resembles that of the RRM-type RNA-binding domain of the ribosomal L5 protein, the residues involved in RNA-binding in the L5 protein are not conserved in this family [PMID: 19079550]. Despite this, these proteins bind to double-stranded RNA in a non-sequence specific manner [PMID: 20380716].

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