BolA protein (IPR002634)

Short name: BolA

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This family consist of the morpho-protein BolA from Escherichia coli and its various homologues. In E. coli, over-expression of this protein causes round morphology and may be involved in switching the cell between elongation and septation systems during cell division [PMID: 10361282]. The expression of BolA is growth rate regulated and is induced during the transition into the the stationary phase [PMID: 10361282]. BolA is also induced by stress during early stages of growth [PMID: 10361282] and may have a general role in stress response. It has also been suggested that BolA can induce the transcription of penicillin binding proteins 6 and 5 [PMID: 2684651, PMID: 10361282]. IbaG is a BolA homologue involved in acid resistance [PMID: 22534295].

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