Adenovirus large t-antigen, E1B 55kDa protein (IPR002612)

Short name: Adeno_E1B_55kDa

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This family consists of adenovirus E1B 55 kDa protein or large t-antigen. E1B 55 kDa binds p53 the tumor suppressor protein converting it from a transcriptional activator which responds to damaged DNA in to an unregulated repressor of genes with a p53 binding site [PMID: 10207064]. This protects the virus against p53 induced host antiviral responses and prevents apoptosis as induced by the adenovirus E1A protein [PMID: 10207064]. The E1B region of adenovirus encodes two proteins E1B 55 kDa, the large t-antigen as found in this family and E1B 19 kDa IPR002924, the small t-antigen. Both of these proteins inhibit E1A induced apoptosis.

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