Transmembrane protein TqsA-like (IPR002549)

Short name: AI-2E-like

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This entry consists of proteins from eukaryotes and prokarytotes. It includes Escherichia coli autoinducer-2 (AI-2) transport protein TqsA (YdgG), which controls the transport of the quorum-sensing signal AI-2 either by enhancing its secretion or inhibiting its uptake and consequently represses biofilm formation and motility and affects the global gene expression in biofilms [PMID: 16385049]. TqsA exhibit a uniform topology with 8 putative transmembrane segments (TMSs), a structure shared by proteins in this family. The function of proteins in this family are mostly unknown, however, it has been suggested that they may transport a variety of compounds, possibly all related in structure [PMID: 20559013].

This entry also includes uncharacterised transmembrane protein 245 (TMEM245) from eukaryotes.

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