MaoC-like domain (IPR002539)

Short name: MaoC_dom

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The maoC gene is part of a operon with maoA which is involved in the synthesis of monoamine oxidase [PMID: 1556068]. The MaoC protein shares similarity with a region found in a wide variety of enzymes, such as peroxisomal hydratase-dehydrogenase-epimerase and fatty acid synthase beta subunit. A deletion mutant of the C-terminal 271 amino acids in peroxisomal hydratase-dehydrogenase-epimerase (Q02207), corresponding to the MaoC domain, abolished its 2-enoyl-CoA hydratase activity, suggesting that this region may be a hydratase enzyme [PMID: 1551874]. Several bacterial proteins that are composed solely of this domain have (R)-specific enoyl-CoA hydratase activity [PMID: 9457873].

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