Adhesin lipoprotein (IPR002520)

Short name: Lipoprotein_7

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This family consists of the p50 and variable adherence-associated antigen (Vaa) adhesins from Mycoplasma hominis. M. hominis is a mycoplasma associated with human urogenital diseases, pneumonia, and septic arthritis [PMID: 8698503]. An adhesin is a cell surface molecule that mediates adhesion to other cells or to the surrounding surface or substrate. The Vaa antigen is a 50kDa surface lipoprotein that has four tandem repetitive DNA sequences encoding a periodic peptide structure, and is highly immunogenic in the human host [PMID: 8698503]. p50 is also a 50kDa lipoprotein, having three repeats A,B and C, that may be a tetramer of 191kDa in its native environment [PMID: 8926064].

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