Pathways & interactions: Zinc finger, C2HC-type (IPR002515)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
P21580 TNAP3_HUMAN Q15025 TNIP1_HUMAN EBI-7864677 PMID:11389905
P21580 TNAP3_HUMAN Q86VP1 TAXB1_HUMAN EBI-7864756 PMID:11389905
P21580 TNAP3_HUMAN Q8NFZ5 TNIP2_HUMAN EBI-7864710 PMID:11389905
P21580 TNAP3_HUMAN Q9Y6K9 NEMO_HUMAN EBI-7864725 PMID:11389905
P25490 TYY1_HUMAN Q8IY57 YAF2_HUMAN EBI-8671814 PMID:9016636
P25490 TYY1_HUMAN Q8IY57 YAF2_HUMAN EBI-8671784 PMID:9016636