Histidine-rich calcium-binding repeat (IPR002134)

Short name: His-rich_Ca-bd_rpt


The histidine-rich calcium-binding protein (HCP) of sarcoplasmic reticulum [PMID: 2808365] may play a role in the regulation of calcium sequestration or release in the SR of skeletal and cardiac muscle. This protein is very acidic (31% of Asp and Glu) and rich in histidine (13%). The sequence of HCP contains 10 tandem repeats of a 26 to 29 amino acid residues domain. This domain starts with an invariant hexapeptide (HRHRGH), followed by a stretch of acidic residues. The end of the domain consist of an almost invariant nonapeptide (STESDRHQA). The highly acidic central cores of each repeat are likely to constitute the calcium-binding sites of HCP.

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