Conserved Site

Seminal vesicle protein II, conserved site (IPR002080)

Short name: SVP_II_CS


Seminal vesicle protein II (SVP-II) [PMID: 2351680] is one of the six major secretory proteins secreted by rat seminal vesicle. It is a clotting protein that serves as the substrate in the formation of the copulatory plug. Covalent clotting of this protein is catalyzed by a transglutaminase and involves the formation of gamma-glutamyl-epsilon-lysine crosslinks. SVS-II sequence contains thirteen repeats of a thirteen amino acid residue domain which is probably involved in the cross-linking. There are a number of invariant residues in this signature, four of them (two lysines and two glutamines) probably participate in the cross-links.

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