Pathways & interactions: Zinc finger, RING-type (IPR001841)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
O00623 PEX12_HUMAN P50542 PEX5_HUMAN EBI-8489605 PMID:12096124
O13826 RFP1_SCHPO P87176 SLX8_SCHPO EBI-7588184 PMID:17762864
O15151 MDM4_HUMAN P04637 P53_HUMAN EBI-5526143 PMID:20705607
O15151 MDM4_HUMAN P22314 UBA1_HUMAN EBI-5526143 PMID:20705607
O15151 MDM4_HUMAN P62837 UB2D2_HUMAN EBI-5526143 PMID:20705607
O15151 MDM4_HUMAN P62837 UB2D2_HUMAN EBI-5526042 PMID:20705607
O15151 MDM4_HUMAN P62990 UBIQ_BOVIN EBI-5526143 PMID:20705607
P32828 SLX5_YEAST P40072 SLX8_YEAST EBI-9675410 PMID:14681455
P40072 SLX8_YEAST P32828 SLX5_YEAST EBI-9675410 PMID:14681455
P43254 COP1_ARATH Q9LJD7 COP10_ARATH EBI-2429838 PMID:11877375
P43254 COP1_ARATH Q9SPL2 CIP8_ARATH EBI-2027779 PMID:10488108
P43254 COP1_ARATH Q9SPL2 CIP8_ARATH EBI-2027807 PMID:10488108
P87176 SLX8_SCHPO O13826 RFP1_SCHPO EBI-7589620 PMID:17762865
P87176 SLX8_SCHPO O13826 RFP1_SCHPO EBI-7588184 PMID:17762864
P87176 SLX8_SCHPO Q9UT72 RFP2_SCHPO EBI-7588100 PMID:17762864
Q00987 MDM2_HUMAN P19338 NUCL_HUMAN EBI-7565560 PMID:22103682
Q00987 MDM2_HUMAN P19338 NUCL_HUMAN EBI-7565589 PMID:22103682
Q00987 MDM2_HUMAN P62837 UB2D2_HUMAN EBI-5526084 PMID:20705607
Q06587 RING1_HUMAN P04637 P53_HUMAN EBI-16746268 PMID:29187402
Q08109 HRD1_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-8476269 PMID:16619026
Q496Y0 LONF3_HUMAN P06733 ENOA_HUMAN EBI-5658064 PMID:23414517
Q61510 TRI25_MOUSE O14933 UB2L6_HUMAN EBI-8480490 PMID:12075357
Q68DV7 RNF43_HUMAN P23246 SFPQ_HUMAN EBI-2296169 PMID:18655028
Q68DV7 RNF43_HUMAN Q15233 NONO_HUMAN EBI-2296169 PMID:18655028
Q6PDX6 RN220_MOUSE P0CG47 UBB_HUMAN EBI-2795876 PMID:20170641
Q6PDX6 RN220_MOUSE P61077 UB2D3_HUMAN EBI-2795876 PMID:20170641
Q6PDX6 RN220_MOUSE Q29504 UBA1_RABIT EBI-2795876 PMID:20170641
Q6PDX6 RN220_MOUSE Q62141 SIN3B_MOUSE EBI-2796027 PMID:20170641
Q6ZMZ0 RN19B_HUMAN O14933 UB2L6_HUMAN EBI-2466642 PMID:16709802
Q6ZMZ0 RN19B_HUMAN P68036 UB2L3_HUMAN EBI-2466620 PMID:16709802
Q7Z419 R144B_HUMAN O14933 UB2L6_HUMAN EBI-8032499 PMID:16427630
Q7Z419 R144B_HUMAN O14933 UB2L6_HUMAN EBI-8032542 PMID:16427630
Q8C006 TRI35_MOUSE P70434 IRF7_MOUSE EBI-11176121 PMID:25907537
Q8IYW5 RN168_HUMAN P61088 UBE2N_HUMAN EBI-2267331 PMID:19203578
Q8N5U6 RNF10_HUMAN O75923 DYSF_HUMAN EBI-5657298 PMID:23414517
Q8RXD6 BRE1A_ARATH P25865 UBC1_ARATH EBI-2012527 PMID:18849490
Q8RXD6 BRE1A_ARATH P42745 UBC2_ARATH EBI-2012562 PMID:18849490
Q920M9 SIAH1_RAT O88778 BSN_RAT EBI-8424329 PMID:23403927
Q99496 RING2_HUMAN P35226 BMI1_HUMAN EBI-8526421 PMID:16710298
Q99ML9 RN111_MOUSE O15169 AXIN1_HUMAN EBI-8302039 PMID:16601693
Q9BUZ4 TRAF4_HUMAN Q9HCE7-2 Q9HCE7-2 EBI-9846454 PMID:19937093
Q9BYV2 TRI54_HUMAN P11217 PYGM_HUMAN EBI-5663228 PMID:23414517
Q9BYV6 TRI55_HUMAN P11217 PYGM_HUMAN EBI-5663246 PMID:23414517
Q9C895 BRE1B_ARATH P25865 UBC1_ARATH EBI-2012522 PMID:18849490
Q9C895 BRE1B_ARATH P42745 UBC2_ARATH EBI-2012582 PMID:18849490
Q9CA86 PEX2_ARATH Q9SII8 DSK2B_ARATH EBI-6860654 PMID:23336935
Q9CA86 PEX2_ARATH Q9SII8 DSK2B_ARATH EBI-6860713 PMID:23336935
Q9CA86 PEX2_ARATH Q9SII9 DSK2A_ARATH EBI-6860671 PMID:23336935
Q9CA86 PEX2_ARATH Q9SII9 DSK2A_ARATH EBI-6860631 PMID:23336935
Q9CA86 PEX2_ARATH Q9SII9 DSK2A_ARATH EBI-6860702 PMID:23336935
Q9DB43 ZFPL1_MOUSE Q62839 GOGA2_RAT EBI-7836559 PMID:18323775
Q9DB43 ZFPL1_MOUSE Q62839 GOGA2_RAT EBI-7836591 PMID:18323775
Q9H6Y7 RN167_HUMAN P20807 CAN3_HUMAN EBI-5655240 PMID:23414517
Q9JIY2 HAKAI_MOUSE P12830 CADH1_HUMAN EBI-7645250 PMID:22252131
Q9JIY2 HAKAI_MOUSE P12830 CADH1_HUMAN EBI-7645462 PMID:22252131
Q9M841 PEX12_ARATH Q9SII8 DSK2B_ARATH EBI-6860688 PMID:23336935
Q9M841 PEX12_ARATH Q9SII9 DSK2A_ARATH EBI-6860681 PMID:23336935
Q9NVW2 RNF12_HUMAN O43679 LDB2_HUMAN EBI-8165542 PMID:11882901
Q9NVW2 RNF12_HUMAN P25791 RBTN2_HUMAN EBI-8165490 PMID:11882901
Q9NVW2 RNF12_HUMAN Q86U70 LDB1_HUMAN EBI-8165525 PMID:11882901
Q9SPL2 CIP8_ARATH P43254 COP1_ARATH EBI-2027807 PMID:10488108
Q9SPL2 CIP8_ARATH P43254 COP1_ARATH EBI-2027840 PMID:10488108
Q9SPL2 CIP8_ARATH P43254 COP1_ARATH EBI-2027767 PMID:10488108
Q9UT72 RFP2_SCHPO P87176 SLX8_SCHPO EBI-7588100 PMID:17762864
Q9Y3C5 RNF11_HUMAN O15084 ANR28_HUMAN EBI-5653852 PMID:23414517
Q9ZT50 RHA2A_ARATH Q9C932 NAC19_ARATH EBI-2025313 PMID:12646039