Structures: Receptor, ligand binding region (IPR001828)


The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.

1yae  2xxv  2e4x  2e4y  2xxw  3ks9  1yk0  3g3h  1ewv  1sd3  3saj  1s7y  3om0  4mqf  4bdm  3o2j  4mr9  3g3j  2i0c  2xxt  1iss  3g3k  2e4v  3qlu  1s9t  4bdr  3jpw  3olz  3h6g  3n6v  3qem  3om1  4bdq  3h6h  4ms3  2wjw  4mr8  2i0b  3g3g  3h5w  4bdl  3h5v  3hsy  1ewk  1t34  4gpa  4f11  3o21  4h8i  4ms4  1ewt  2xxr  4mr7  4f12  1s50  2xxu  2xxx  3sm9  4mrm  3qek  4bdn  3g3i  4ms1  3lmk  4mqe  3jpy  4bdo  2e4z  3mq4  3qlt  1dp4  2e4w  3g3f  1yk1  2e4u  3kg2  2xxy  3q41  3qlv  3a3k  3qel  1jdp  1isr  1jdn  1tt1 


CATH is a hierarchical classification of protein model structures. 


The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their amino acid sequences and three-dimensional structures.