Pathways & interactions: Zinc finger, nuclear hormone receptor-type (IPR001628)




Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
P03372 ESR1_HUMAN Q14151 SAFB2_HUMAN EBI-2212197 PMID:12660241
P06536 GCR_RAT Q9BTK6 PAGR1_HUMAN EBI-11600875 PMID:23161582
P10275 ANDR_HUMAN O96028 NSD2_HUMAN EBI-7026175 PMID:19481544
P10275 ANDR_HUMAN O96028 NSD2_HUMAN EBI-7026197 PMID:19481544
P15207 ANDR_RAT P20711 DDC_HUMAN EBI-1632244 PMID:12864730
P19793 RXRA_HUMAN P11473 VDR_HUMAN EBI-12506166 PMID:14681455
P19793 RXRA_HUMAN Q03463-PRO_0000278730 Q03463-PRO_0000278730 EBI-9210752 PMID:11915042
P28700 RXRA_MOUSE P48281 VDR_MOUSE EBI-12511913 PMID:14681455
P28702 RXRB_HUMAN P11473 VDR_HUMAN EBI-12593583 PMID:14681455
P28704 RXRB_MOUSE P48281 VDR_MOUSE EBI-12593651 PMID:14681455
Q03463-PRO_0000278730 Q03463-PRO_0000278730 P19793 RXRA_HUMAN EBI-9210728 PMID:11915042