Type II/IV secretion system protein (IPR001482)

Short name: T2SS/T4SS

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This entry contains both type II and type IV pathway secretion proteins from bacteria. Proteins in this entry include VirB11 ATPase (P07169), which is a subunit of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens transfer DNA (T-DNA) transfer system, a type IV secretion pathway required for delivery of T-DNA and effector proteins to plant cells during infection [PMID: 11566978].

The type II protein secretion system (T2SS) is a sophisticated multi-protein machinery containing 12-15 different proteins [PMID: 28264910]. Historically, this system was described as the main terminal branch (MTB) of the general secretory pathway (GSP), but this nomenclature is now on obsolete [PMID: 15223057].

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