Structures: Homeobox domain (IPR001356)


The Protein Data Bank (PDB) is a repository for the 3-D structural data of large biological molecules, such as proteins and nucleic acids.

2da3  2h8r  1akh  2e19  1bw5  2ecc  1b8i  1k61  1hdp  1kz5  1ocp  2hoa  2cue  2dmq  2cqx  1lfu  1au7  1ftz  1zq3  1fjl  2mgq  1x2m  4j19  1san  1apl  3d1n  2ly9  1omq  2dmp  2ld5  1yrn  1uhs  1o4x  1hf0  2ecb  3a01  1pog  1puf  1kz0  1enh  1lfb  1p7j  3hdd  2hdd  2da6  2da1  1x2n  2e1o  1ig7  2da5  2xsd  1du6  1mnm  1ftt  1oct  2l7z  1hom  1hdd  1ahd  2jwt  1nk3  1e3o  2hi3  1gt0  3l1p  1cqt  1vnd  1p7i  3k2a  1kz2  1f43  2cuf  2ys9  1b72  2r5y  2lk2  2dn0  3cmy  2r5z  1jgg  2p81  1wi3  1le8  3nau  3nar  1s7e  2cra  1ztr  1qry  2lfb  9ant  1ic8  2d5v  1du0  1nk2  2dmn 


CATH is a hierarchical classification of protein model structures. 


The Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP) database is a largely manual classification of protein structural domains based on similarities of their amino acid sequences and three-dimensional structures.

a.4.1.1  j.92.1.1