Conserved Site

Thiosulphate sulfurtransferase, conserved site (IPR001307)

Short name: Thiosulphate_STrfase_CS


Synonym(s): Rhodanese

Thiosulphate sulphurtransferase (EC: is an enzyme which catalyses the transfer of the sulphane atom of thiosulphate to cyanide, to form sulphite and thiocyanate. In vertebrates, rhodanese is a mitochondrial enzyme that is involved in forming iron-sulphur complexes and cyanide detoxification. A cysteine residue takes part in the catalytic mechanism [PMID: 6948991, PMID: 2018478]. Some bacterial proteins may also express sulphotransferase activity. These include, SseA from Mycobacterium leprae and Escherichia coli, Azotobacter vinelandii rhdA, Saccharopolyspora erythraea cysA [PMID: 2294090] and Synechococcus sp. (strain PCC 7942) rhdA [PMID: 1708376].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0004792 thiosulfate sulfurtransferase activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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