Peptidase M20C, Xaa-His dipeptidase (IPR001160)

Short name: Peptidase_M20C

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Family relationships

  • Peptidase M20 (IPR002933)
    • Peptidase M20C, Xaa-His dipeptidase (IPR001160)


This majority of this group of proteins are aminoacyl-histidine dipeptidases (Xaa-His dipeptidases, cytosol non-specific dipeptidases, peptidase D), which are zinc-containing metallopeptidases that belong to MEROPS peptidase family M20 (clan MH), subfamily M20C [PMID: 7674922]. Proteins of this clan have two catalytic zinc ions at the active site, bound by His/Asp, Asp, Glu, Asp/Glu and His [PMID: 7674922, PMID: 1695895]. The catalysed reaction involves the release of an N-terminal amino acid, usually neutral or hydrophobic, from a polypeptide [PMID: 7674922].

The X-His dipeptidases cleave Xaa-His dipeptides (where Xaa is any hydrophobic residue). The amino acid sequence deduced from Escherichia coli reveals that peptidase D is a slightly hydrophilic protein of 485 residues that contains no extended domains of marked hydrophobicity [PMID: 1695895].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006508 proteolysis

Molecular Function

No terms assigned in this category.

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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