Yeast membrane protein DUP/COS (IPR001142)

Short name: DUP/COS

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A number of uncharacterised integral membrane proteins from yeast contain an internal duplication due to duplicated genes. Duplicated copies of genes may be classified in two types of cluster organisation. The first type includes genes sharing a significant level of identity in the amino acid sequences of their predicted protein product. They are recovered on two different chromosomes, transcribed in the same orientation and the distance between them is conserved. The second type of cluster is based on one gene unit tandemly repeated. This duplication is itself repeated elsewhere in the genome. The basic gene unit is recovered many times in the genome and is a component of a multigene family of unknown function. These organisations in clusters of genes suggest a 'Lego organisation' of the yeast chromosomes [PMID: 9234674]. The proteins belonging to this family are of unknown function.

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