Band 7 domain (IPR001107)

Short name: Band_7

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The band-7 protein family comprises a diverse set of membrane-bound proteins characterised by the presence of a conserved domain, the band-7 domain, also known as SPFH or PHB domain [PMID: 10542406]. The exact function of the band-7 domain is not known, but examples from animal and bacterial stomatin-type proteins demonstrate binding to lipids and the ability to assemble into membrane-bound oligomers that form putative scaffolds [PMID: 24782879]. A variety of proteins belong to this family. These include the prohibitins, cytoplasmic anti-proliferative proteins and stomatin, an erythrocyte membrane protein. Bacterial HflC protein also belongs to this family.

Note: Band 4.1 and Band 7 proteins refer to human erythrocyte membrane proteins separated by SDS polyacrylamide gels and stained with coomassie blue [PMID: 4326772].

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