Pathways & interactions: UBX domain (IPR001012)


This entry has no pathways.


Proteins matching this entry have been experimentally proven to be involved in Protein:Protein interactions.

Protein in this entry Interacting partner IntAct ID Publication
Protein Short name Protein Short name
O14048 UBX2_SCHPO Q9P3A7 CDC48_SCHPO EBI-1005174 PMID:15120077
P34223 UBX1_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005442 PMID:15258615
P34223 UBX1_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005679 PMID:15258615
P38349 UBX7_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005705 PMID:15258615
P54730 UBX4_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005687 PMID:15258615
Q04228 UBX2_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005449 PMID:15258615
Q06682 UBX5_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005696 PMID:15258615
Q06682 UBX5_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005413 PMID:15258615
Q12229 UBX3_YEAST P25694 CDC48_YEAST EBI-1005459 PMID:15258615
Q922Y1 UBXN1_MOUSE Q9JI78 NGLY1_MOUSE EBI-3648848 PMID:16709668
Q9UT81 UBX3_SCHPO Q9P3A7 CDC48_SCHPO EBI-1005294 PMID:15120077