Stress-induced protein SRP1/TIP1 (IPR000992)

Short name: SRP1_TIP1

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It has recently been shown [PMID: 1304897] that three yeast proteins, two of which are known to be induced by various stress conditions, are structurally related and are probably part of a larger family. These proteins include cold-shock inducible protein TIR1 (also known as serine-rich protein 1, SRP1), which is induced by glucose [PMID: 3139887] and cold shock [PMID: 7746155]; temperature-shock inducible protein 1 (SRP2) [PMID: 7746155]; seripauperins, which are closely related protein of about 13kDa (120 to 124 residues) and are generally encoded at the extremity of yeast chromosomes (eg. PAU1, PAU2, PAU3, PAU4, PAU5, PAU6, YBR301w, YGL261c, YGR294w, YHL046c, YIL176c, YIR041w and YKL224c) [PMID: 7926827]; and hypothetical proteins YIL011w, YJR150c and YJR151c. These proteins all seem to start with a putative signal sequence followed by a conserved domain of about 90 residues. In TIR1, TIR2, TIP1, YIL011w, YJR150c and YJR151c, this domain is followed by a repetitive serine and alanine rich region absent in the other members of this family.

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006950 response to stress

Molecular Function

No terms assigned in this category.

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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