Conserved Site

Sulphate/thiosulphate-binding, conserved site (IPR000957)

Short name: Sulphate/thiosulphate-bd_CS


Sulphate-binding protein (gene sbp or sbpA) and thiosulphate-binding protein (gene cysP) are two structurally related periplasmic bacterial proteins which specifically bind sulphate and thiosulphate and are involved in the transport systems for these nutrients [PMID: 2188959, PMID: 1708375]. There are two conserved regions in the protein, one located in the N-terminal region and the other in the central part of these proteins. The second region includes two adjacent amino acids (Ser-Gly) that, in sbp, are known to be essential for sulphate binding [PMID: 3288756].

This entry represents a conserved site located in the N-terminal region of these proteins.

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