Transcription regulator Rrf2-type (IPR000944)

Short name: Tscrpt_reg_Rrf2-type

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This entry represents transcriptional regulators such as Desulfovibrio vulgaris Protein Rrf2, Escherichia coli IscR and Bacillus subtilis NsrR. Protein Rrf2 is a repressor of the hmc operon encoding a cytochrome redox complex for electron transport from hydrogen to sulphate [PMID: 9148780]. E. coli IscR regulates the transcription of several operons and genes involved in the biogenesis of Fe-S clusters and Fe-S-containing proteins [PMID: 11742080, PMID: 16824106]. B. subtilis NsrR is a nitric oxide-responsive transcriptional regulator [PMID: 16885456].

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