Aliphatic acid kinase, short-chain (IPR000890)

Short name: Aliphatic_acid_kin_short-chain

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Acetate kinase, which is predominantly found in micro-organisms, facilitates the production of acetyl-CoA by phosphorylating acetate in the presence of ATP and a divalent cation [PMID: 8226682, PMID: 8396545]. The enzyme is important in the process of glycolysis, enzyme levels being increased in the presence of excess glucose. The growth of a bacterial mutant lacking acetate kinase has been shown to be inhibited by glucose, suggesting that the enzyme is involved in excretion of excess carbohydrate [PMID: 8226682]. A related enzyme, butyrate kinase, facilitates the formation of butyryl-CoA by phosphorylating butyrate in the presence of ATP to form butyryl phosphate [PMID: 8396545].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0016310 phosphorylation

Molecular Function

GO:0016301 kinase activity
GO:0016774 phosphotransferase activity, carboxyl group as acceptor

Cellular Component

GO:0005622 intracellular

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